Polish Squash Association (PZSQ) is an association whose main purpose is to promote squash as a sport discipline and a form of active leisure in Poland. PZSQ complies with the rules and requirements of the World Squash Federation (WSF) and the European Squash Federation (ESF), and is the only organization entitled to represent Polish squash at the national and international level.

Squash tournaments under the auspices of PZSQ are carried out all over Poland, and their results are taken into account in the ranking of players. There are 2 senior categories (Open & Women's), 10 junior categories, and a few masters categories. The rankings are updated once a week and are available at https://pzsq.tournament.tools/

Tournaments of ranks A, B, C & MST are available for foreign players. To take part in a tournament, a player has to obtain a free licence, and in case of limited number of participants in a tournament – the players with higher ranking have priority in participation. However, the players may also receive a Wild Card (WC), with which they are entitled to take part in a tournament. There are two WCs for each senior category (one is awarded by the organizer, and the other by PZSQ), and one WC for each junior category.

In order to obtain the licence number, which allows to take part in the tournaments under the auspices of PZSQ, the player has to fill in the application form and send its scan by e-mail to PZSQ Office (biuro@polskisquash.pl).